without attitude

We roast coffee for a city with high standards. This means our job is tough, so we like to keep things simple. Premium quality and expertly roasted coffee beans, delivered without attitude. Simple

Our story begins in Melbourne’s cafes. We are a passionate group with an intense appreciation for good, unpretentious coffee. We live it, we breathe it, and some might even say our blood type is coffee positive. Our favourite farmers send us their quality, ethically sourced beans. We then roast our coffee beans at our warehouse in Thornbury. Call it a lab, a factory or a mad house for caffeine addicts, but it’s where the magic happens. We then share the good stuff with Melbourne’s cafes, delivered with a focus on generosity, helpfulness and a shared passion for simply delicious coffee. We support our growing community with premium products, friendly, personable service and an uncompromising commitment to the Cortado family. We do this by providing machinery, repairs, staff training and other ancillary products

quality, ethically
sourced beans

We support the Cortado Coffee community with so much more than coffee beans.

Join the family. We’ve got your back.

Need some good chai? What’s your soy situation like? Let us help you out with a range of café products include tea, chocolate, chai, take away cups and whatever else your customer’s are asking for.

Locally Roasted